International travel Checklist

Travelling to abroad is itself an unique experience. Along with planned itinerary ,having proper travel checklist helps to keep the trip smooth.

  1. Do not forget to double check the passport and visa. Along with original ,keep multiple copies and distribute them in your luggage . It should be on top of your travel checklist.
  2. Money belt : Though being alert in foreign land is always the first choice to keep documents safe .However ,money belt more secure than travel wallet can be your key to peace of mind. It should be must in your travel packing list.Wear it completely hidden from sight under your pants or skirts. You can wear it over stomach for ease of access but can also slide it around to the small of your back. I Bought one from here
  3. Universal Adapter -Its second most important thing in your travel checklist. Else you will face charging issues on your entire trip.
  4. Water purify tablets can be a safe way to save lot of bucks on buying drinkable water. These can turn out to be really important during your international travel. Also it can give you clean and safe water on demand when travelling in countries with unsafe tap water.
  5. Inflatable pillows – These pillows are savior in long layovers during your international trip .
  6. Shoe bags can be optional to buy , but they do save your luggage from dirt and smell of the footwears .I bought one from here
  7. Medical kit -Medical kit is most important to be listed in your travel checklist, not only for international trips but for any kind of trips.
  8. Camera accessories : Missing out on extra batteries or memory card during your international trip can cost you heavily.Checkout some cool go pro 7 accessories I bought
  9. Make a note of your country’s Embassy address and contact number in visiting country.
  10. Emergency numbers of the visiting country
  11. Download offline map , this will be a life savoir in no or low network areas.
  12. Forex card
  13. International travel plan for your phone.
  14. Keep your data pack off and always make use of it when free WiFi is available.
  15. Eye mask ,ear plug
  16. Travel light is the mantra we all have heard but we never want to miss out on any of our favourite dress.Using packing cubes could be one such way to organise your stuff and avoid messing up each time you open your suitcase. I bought one from here


Casual t-shirts
Jeans/cotton pants
Casual dresses
Semi-formal dresses
Socks and stockings
Thermal wear
Swimwear – swimsuits, trunks, bikinis, sarongs, etc.


Fill Shampoo,Conditioner in small refillable travel friendly bottles. Buy one from here
Face wash
Wet Wipes
Makeup Remover
Tiny shaving kit
Comb, Serum for frizzy hairs
Hair dryer


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