Quirky 24 hours in Ancient Athens,Greece

Athens is the capital city of Greece. The city is still dominated with 5th century BC landmarks including acropolis, a hill top topped with ancient buildings like Parthenon temple. It is largest city of Greece and is named after Athena (its patron goddess).

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How to Reach Athens :

I had booked Indigo flight from Delhi to Athens via Istanbul. Delhi to Istanbul took approx 6 hrs. It further had 4 hours layover at Istanbul Airport. From Istanbul they had Turkish Airlines and took around 1.05 hours for Athens.

Stay at Athens:

I preferred Airbnb this time and the name of the place was Urban Luxury for 2. This place was in the mid of the Athens city and had a perfect view of Lycabettus from the patio(terrace).

George came to pick us up from Airport for 38 Euros and was really kind person. Drop me a comment if you planning your stay in Athens, and I can help you connect with him.
In room he provided us all possible basic utensils required ,microwave and coffee beans to prepare coffee too. The apartment was really cozy and had attached terrace with beautifully done gardening.At night you can get lighted Lycabettus view with peaceful surrounding neighborhood.

Lycabettus view ,Athens,Greece
Lycabettus view from terrace

Transport in the Athens:

Hop in Hop off bus is the best way to explore whole city of Athens. It will cost 20 Euro per person. This allows you to cover places falling under both Green and Athens line. They also provide tickets for acropolis separately for 10 Euros. You can easily identify Hop in Hop off bus as one shown in picture below.

But catch here is that you need to walk up to the Hop in Hop off bus stand to get entry ticket from the payment slip which they provide (Get down at Acropolis stop and walk till the dead end of the road and you can see the bus station) .

Hop in Hop off Athens
Hop in Hop off Athens

Hop in Hop off Bus price:

1. Athens
Adult 20Euro | Child 8 Euro
2.Athens and Piraeus
Adult 22Euro | Child 8 Euro
3.Family Package
2 Adult and up to 2 children 45 Euro
4.3 day Ticket
Adult 30 Euro | Child 9Euro
5.Super Deal
Adult 65Euro | Child 39Euro

Hop in Hop off operating timings:

WINTER(1st November 2019-31st March 2020)
Athens line 08:30 -18:30
Cruise ship passengers from 08:15
Tel : +30 210 9220 604

Hop in Hop off bus route:(Stop A1-A15)

Drop me a comment to get the entire route list map on your email.

A1 Syntegama Square Start 8:30 | End 17:00
A2 The 4 Museum Start 8:37 | End 17:07
A3 The National Gallery/Hilton Start 8:40 | End 17:10
A4 Ancient Olympic stadium Start 8:45 | End 17:15
A5 Melina Merkouri/Plaka Start 8:30 |End 17:22
A6 New Acropolis Museum Start 8:34 | End 17:26
A7 The Acroplolis & Parthenon Start 8:38 | End 17:30 Interchange for Pireaus line
A8 Temple of zeus Start 8:45 | End 17:37
A9 Parliament Start 8:30 | End 17:41
A10 National Library Start 8:34 | End 17:45
A11 National Archeological Museum Start 8:40 | End 17:51
A12 Omonia Sq Start 8:30 | End 18:00
A13 Karaiskaki Sq Start 8:34 | End 18:04
A14 Thession Start 8:40 | End 18:10
Monastiraki Start 8:42 | End 18:12
A15 Kotzia Sq Start 8:30 | Emnd 18:17

They provide us a map where in you can keep checking the stop and can get down at any of them. From same bus stop you can catch bus again for further journey.

What to see in Athens:

1.Panathenaic Stadium :

Panathenaic Stadium, Athens became home to modern Olympic games in 1896 and remain only stadium in the world built entirely of marble. I felt so great to be part of such a great history we have read in books till now.
They charge entry ticket 5 Euro per person. Though the place is really cool to see but I decided to save few euros here and watched it from outside.

Hop in Hop off bus drops exactly in front of the stadium. Just cross the road and you are there.

Panathenaic Stadium,Athens ,Greece
Panathenaic Stadium,Athens ,Greece

2.Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Odeon of Herodes Atticus sits beneath the slopes of Acropolis of Athens and is an open air theatre. In ancient times Odeons were built for musical contests and has seating capacity of 5000.Herodes Atticus built this stricture as an ode to his wife Rigilla.

From where hop in hop off bus drops, you need to walk for approx 10-15 mins to reach main entrance for ticket checking.But the entire road up-to there is filled with lively vibe with people singing, playing different kind of instruments and performing dance

Odeon of Herodes Atticus,Athens,Greece
Odeon of Herodes Atticus,Athens,Greece
Odeon of Herodes Atticus Back side
Odeon of Herodes Atticus Back side

3. Parthenon :

Parthenon is a former temple on Athenian Acropolis, Greece. It was built between 447 and 432 BCE and is dedicated to goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron. Acropolis itself measures some 300 by 150 meters and is 70 meters high. It should be on the top must to visit in Athens and will bring you close to the ancient Greece.


4. Monastiraki :

Monastiraki is a flea market neighborhood in old town of Athens, Greece. It is home to clothing boutique,souvenir shops and specialty stores. You can roam around the area and buy handmade jewelry,carpets. Monastiraki is also famous for its colorful terraces where visitors can sit, relax and enjoy the view.

Hop on Hop off drops exactly at the main road of Monastiraki. You can walk around,explore the area. Almost everywhere in Athens you can see the Graffiti carved into buildings.Souvenir shops can be seen at every nook and corner.

Near by attractions:

  • Ancient Agora
  • Roman Agora
  • Hadrian’s Library.
Streets of Monastraki ,Athens
Streets of Monastraki ,Athens

5. Plaka

Plaka is the oldest district in Athens with outstanding scenery. When you walk along the roads you get the feeling that you are back in old times.Entire place is full of cafes and souvenir shops. You can find people playing different instruments on the road side and dancing. Overall Plaka has some different kind of vibe.

Souvenir shop,Plaka ,Athens,Greece
Souvenir shop,Plaka ,Athens,Greece

Vegetarian must try food in Athens:

Spinach Pie *** Must try***
Orange Pie
Koulouri Thessalonikis – koulouri is made with wheat flour dough that is shaped into a ring before it is coated in sesame seeds and baked.
Chocolate pie
Veg sandwich
Greek Tea
Local spirit Canava

Cheese pie,spinach pie at Grigoris Bakery

Advice Tip

1.Being a vegetarian I felt its little hard for pure vegetarians to survive here. Tip here is to keep ready-to-make food packets from your country, as getting hot water is pretty easy. Even if not available, almost in every hotel you get coffee makers. You can keep maggi and soups packets as well.

2. Prefer booking Airbnb as you get to interact with the local person of that city. Moreover you have entire apartment for yourself with kitchen and everything. Cooking on own can be best way to save lot of money when travelling abroad.

3. Always contact the owner when booking Airbnb, in most of the cases they themselves come to pick you up from Airport .

Also you can check official website for any further info here

Drop me a comment if you planning trip to Greece, May be I can hep you with providing some contacts for your stay in Athens

****Don’t believe what they say, go and see it****


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