How I did Greece in 1 lakh INR

I did Greece in 1.0 lakh and that it how you can do it too. We all have this thought that a trip to Europe might be too expensive and may cross our budget. I covered Athens and Santorini in 7 day trip.
That’s true that travelling to Greece or any other country abroad may burn your pockets but not even that much if you follow certain pointers
Basically we focus on 5 main areas of expenses

  1. Travelling off season
  2. Flights
  3. Hotels
  4. Food
  5. Transport
Expenses Summary:
  1. Flights- 49111k
  2. Hotels -37028k
  3. Food -10k
  4. Transport & Tickets-4679k
    Total=1,00836 INR
    Date of Travel 11th November 2019

Travelling off-season

Always try to travel in off season. This way flights and hotel prices are way lesser as compared to prices in peak seasons .Santorini has offseason starting from november.
During November Maximum temperature is 18 and min 14 so its best time to visit if you don’t prefer summers.Entire city is barely crowded during this season and thats the best part.

All the villages of santorini specially OIA has very narrow lanes that’s why during peak season its really hard to get pictures without any photo bombers


Major share of expense of your trip to abroad is of flights.I booked flights for Greece ,for November in the month of May. For 1 person Delhi to Athens and Athens to Santorini to and fro costed me around 49k. I have shown the breakup below.

But the catch is in the month of September when we tracked the flight again prices drooped even lower.So Before booking flights check the price trend at least for one month. Sometimes flights will long layover may cost you lower compared to direct flights. This is the flight I booked and found cheapest in all

Delhi-IST( Istanbul layover 4 hrs)[by Indigo Airlines]
IST -Athens

Athens-IST [Turkish Airlines]
It costed total of =39111k

I stayed in Athens for one day and next day morning booked my flight for Santorini.
Athens–Santorini (Aegean Airlines)
It costed me 10k return ticket

So total I spend on flights to and fro was 49111k and this was the lowest for Santorini via Athens from India


During my trips I always preferred hostels because they fit in budget always. However during my trip to Santorini,I wanted stay over caldera. During peak seasons most of the hotels right over caldera are overly priced.
Santorini has some of the most luxurious hotels , the most famous are cave hotels.
If you are looking for cave hotels right over the caldera, it will be over 15k for one night. The most exotic ones are even 50k per night.
You can check this article

I chose to stay in Sunset hotel Firostefani, it was right in the middle of caldera and view was totally breathtaking from the patio. We stayed here for 4 days .Complementary breakfast was included for all 4 days. This was best deal in this range due to its perfect location .

Also it was exactly in the middle of the city with easy access to transport. Owner was really helpful. On the day one ,he provided us with complete city map with must to be seen places along with opening and closing timings. Check below video to get complete view of the hotel

Sunset Hotel Firostefani(Santorini)–>3 nights 1 room =>342 Euro
Athens –>2 nights
Day 1 -Urban lUxury resort for 2 -=>95 Euro [In middle of the city]
Day 8 -Thanos Apartment => 36Euro [Near to airport location]


Food is bit expensive in Santorini and its hard to find vegetarian food. Only food which vegetarian people can eat there is pizza or sandwich.Veg sandwich will cost you min 4 Euro. If you are planning to keep things in budget, eating outside daily 3 or 4 times a day will definitely burn your pockets.

So this is how I planned food expenses. In my hotel, breakfast used to be really heavy. I used to keep fruits or cake packets with me for later time of the day since we I could not not finish entire breakfast at once.

For second meal of afternoon, I used to rely on pizza or sandwich. It used to costs me max 4 or 5 euro per person. Finding veg food is really difficult in santorini and Athens.

Also I carried Maggi packets and some ready to cook food packets of items as Poha,daal rice with me. You just need hot water and its readily available since all hotels provide electric kettle. Dinner was sorted with this.

In Athens I stayed in Airbnb both at start and end of the trip.Only decision to stay in airbnb is you have entire apartment with kitchen for yourself.Its a good way to save on food expenses.In entire one week trip,I spent approx 10k on food


In Athens I booked city sight seeing ho ho bus for entire day. It costed me 20 Euro enitre day paas to cover places under Green and Athens line.
At iconic Acropolis there is huge queue at ticket window so alternatively you can buy its entrance pass along with ho ho bus ticket for 10Euro.

Ho Ho Bus have upper and lower deck both, in some of the buses upper deck is covered so its great way to get full sight of Athens city.
They provide a map where in you can keep checking the stop and can get down at any of them .From each of the stop, next ho ho bus frequency is every 15 mins.

In Santorini its better to hire car or 2 wheeler,its best way to explore Island. Here are some of the options-
Buggy (costliest)

Church spotted during Fira Oia Hike

I hired scooty for all 3 days in Santorini. City of Santorini has very narrow lanes so hire car if you are confident to drive with European road rules.
As per my views 2 wheeler is best way to explore the Island.
20 Euro Rent and
10 Euro Insurance

Greece is an amazing country with rich cultural heritage. Its once a life time to be visited country. Here are some videos of Greece, you may find it interesting, check them out on my youtube channel.

***Don’t listen to what they say,go and see it ***

Athens-Greece guide

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