Backpacker Hostel..are they safe enough?

Being a solo girl traveler, we all have this dilemma, if Backpacker Hostel are safe enough. I have stayed in Zostel, Gokarna and I really liked the concept of hostel stay

So it was now time to try yet another property of zostel chain. For backpacker hostel, we all have some sort of doubts whether they are safe to stay for solo female travelers specially, so I decided to share my experience with you.

Why Backpacker Hostel

So basically Zostel has dormitories as well as private rooms available. For budget travel, whether you are travelling solo or with friends, I feel dorm stay is not only in budget but also gives you a unique different experience of staying with people of vivid culture and countries.

Recreational rooms Backpacker Hostel-zostel

They have this beautiful common room, a cafeteria and also rooftop area. Its pretty safe to stay here, they follow strict rules within the room so not to worry all you female travelers. Most importantly you will enjoy interacting with the people from all over the world.

Recreational room Backpacker Hostel -zostel


They have a cafeteria, you pretty much get everything here to eat, common room is pretty well decorated with paintings such as the one in the picture above. If you are a guitar lover, you can just grab the one and start. All the book lovers don’t get disheartened, there is even lovely decorated corner for you as well. This was my personal favorite

cute book shelfs in Backpacker Hostel-zostel

They also have rooftop, any kind of smoking or alcohol is only allowed at the rooftop not in rooms. So make sure you do not break the rules because they are very strict about these. Moreover you are not the only one staying in dorm so try not to make other fellow travelers uncomfortable.

They have Table tennis and carom also at rooftop which overall makes it an amazing place to stay.

Roof top games room Zostel


Each bed in dorm will cost you around 649 Rs per bed per night in 6 sharing dorm. For 8 sharing 599 Rs per bed per night. Rooms are well maintained and are much comfortable. They even have private rooms which will cost you around 2500 Rs. As per my personal experience dorms are in budget and there is no concern for safety as well.

They have captioned room doors with Mumbai station names which adds uniqueness to the place. Doors have digital lock system, each room has its different code to unlock which is provided to us while check in.

Zostel rooms with Mumbai station names

Beautiful painted corridors

So my experience with backpacker hostel till now is really great. Hostel are best way to travel on budget. Also we get chance to meet fellow travelers and it every time inspires me to keep travelling.

***Don’t listen to what they say…go and see it****

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