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We are Shatakshi and Prakhar, 2 backpacker couple from India. I myself embarked on this beautiful journey to explore beautiful places in 2017 when I did first trek of my life in western Ghats of Maharashtra,India.
Since then I didn’t stopped and my love for travelling turned into a intense passion.
I have a dream of travelling whole world from North of Greenland to watching penguins on the continent of Antarctica.
Both of us as couple share the dream of trekking over hardest of the mountains to scuba diving with colorful reef fish of Lakshadweep.
We marked beginning to this journey by travelling to Greece and watched world’s most beautiful sunset in Oia, Santorini.

We never let our full time jobs be a blocker to our travel plans and believe in saving our hard earned money for travel.

Happy Travelling to you all! Stay tuned!!!!

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